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Code of Ethics

Citrus School has a zero tolerance policy for illegal, life threatening, and chronic behavior problems.  These problems will be dealt with in accordance with CUSD policy.

Other behavior problems will be handled under the following guidelines as per our Citrus Code of Ethics.
  1. Students are responsible for solving their own problems. Adults will act as facilitators or counselors and show concern, lead with empathy regarding a child's poor choice of behavior, and avoid using anger.
  2. Students can make a strong connection with their infraction and the consequence (the consequence makes sense to the student). Students will take a central role in the problem solving process.
  3. The process of solving discipline problems is considered opportunities for personal growth.


1.  Show respect for persons, school & personal property.
  • Ethinic/racial slurs will not be tolerated.
2.  Use appropriate language.

3.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  • Inappropriate physical contact will result in a citation.
  • Fighting will result in a suspension.
4.  Respect all school rules, including:
  • Walk in the halls.
  • Respect classes in session by moving through the hallways quietly.
  • Freeze at the bell.
  • No spitting.
  • Get drinks or use the bathroom before the bell rings.
  • Respect red lines & unauthorized areas, do not cross red lines before school/during recess.
  • Gravel stays on the ground--no throwing.
  • Use bathrooms properly and keep them neat and clean.
  • Bounce balls on the blacktop and backboards only--not in the halls.
  • Use play equipment properly.
  • Toys must be left at home.
  • Do not climb on any fence.
  • You must walk while on the school grounds, no bike riding, rollerblading or skate boarding.
  • Use appropriate behavior during all assemblies.

Citrus Guidelines For Parents, Staff & Students


  1. On the FIRST DAY OF AN ABSENCE, the school should be called. Absence excuses are required by law and should include: child's name, date of absence, and parent signature.
  2. STUDENTS ARRIVING TARDY must go to the office for an admit slip.
  3. OFF-CAMPUS PERMITS during classtime will be issued for EMERGENCIES only. Parents, please attempt to schedule medical, dental, etc. appointments during non-class time. Please send a note to school requesting off-campus permits when necessary or come in and sign your child out in the office.
  4. STUDENT PHONE USE is limited to staff approved calls.
  5. CALLS WILL NOT BE TRANSFERRED DURING TEACHER TIME. The office staff will be happy to take messages and leave them in teacher mail boxes.


  1. VISITORS: Students are NOT PERMITTED to bring visitors to school, such as brothers, sisters, relatives, or out-of-town guests.
  2. Students are responsible for LOSS OR DAMAGE TO BOOKS that are the property of school or school library.
  3. Students MAY NOT BUY, SELL OR TRADE goods or food at school.


      1. Students are to:
    • enter quietly with their class.
    • sit in designated places on the floor (unless chairs are provided for all students) with their class.
    • stay quietly in their locations. They are expected to be respectful and courteous.
    • visit with neighbors at a whisper before the assembly begins.

      2. Appreciation is to be shown by clapping only.
      3. Students will be removed from assembly to sit in hall for inappropriate behavior.
      4. Citations may be given.
      5. Teachers will model quiet, courteous, and appropriate audience behavior.
      6. Teachers will stay with their students and supervise their behavior.

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