New Student Enrollment

Enrollment Information


New Student Enrollment 

Please bring the following information/documents to the school office to complete the enrollment process. 

Two(2) proofs of address in parent/guardian's name, for example:     
          Current Utility Bill
          Rental/Lease Agreement
          Driver's License
          Notarized Statement from Owner/Renter indicating:
               Names of people who are living with the owner/renter
               Anticipated length of time of residence with owner/renter
                        Note: Owner/renter must provide two(2) proofs of address

Immunization Record

Birth Certificate (or Passport)

Students with an IEP, in addition to the requirements above, should also bring a copy of the document with those listed above.

To register online, please click here and follow the prompts.  To complete the process you will also need to bring in the items listed above to the school office.